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Transfer Domain Name to CRB

Step 1. Request authorization code.

This is a code which you can get from your old registrar.

via Domain Control Panel [ Your Self ]
via Email to helpdesk team

Sample of Email.

Dear Sir/ Madam/ Team,

I want to transfer my domain from you to another registrar due to (mention of your reason).
So, please unlocking the domain and give me my authorisation code / Domain Secret code.

Thanks and regard
your name

Step 2. Authorization code received from current registrar.

You’ll receive an email from current registrar with Authorization code
We received your authorization code request on 07/02/2008 for your domain name authorization code is: GfQ2rM63gt Forward the email to for next step

Step 3. Sign up and Purchase for domain transfer at the new registrar ( CRB )

When you purchase a domain transfer, you may get a FREE 1-year extension.
After the payment is processed, the status of the domain at the new registrar will be set via email.

Step 4. Transfer Conformation.

Once we have received payment, we will do a Whois lookup for your domain.
Then we will send you an email to authorize the domain transfer to the email address listed in the Whois.
This is to prevent a domain from being transferred without the domain owner's permission.
If the Administrative Contact does not approve the Transfer within 5 days,
it is assumed that the Admin Contact does not wish for the
Transfer to complete and the Order is deleted in our system.

Step 5. Transfer Request

Once the mail has been approved by the Administrative Contact, the Current Registrar will be notified regarding the same.

Step 6. Email Notification from current registrar.
You will get an email from the current registrar confirming your transfer request.
You can conform via conform link (or) You don’t need to take any action if you want to accept the transfer.
If you wish to cancel the transfer, click the cancel the link.

Step 7. Domain Transfer completed to new registrar

A final confirmation email from new registrar was received approximately 4 days after initiating the transfer at the current registrar. After successful transfer, you will get email from new registrar who will write that your domain has been transferred successfully. Check it at

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