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Email account is over quota / Full

Some of our hosting clients may receive a warning from time to time about their mailbox either approaching or exceeding their mail quota.

The important thing to note here is that as a client - you MUST do something here - or your mail will stop working correctly.

1). Upgrade to bigger space
2). Delete some files or emails from the server

How to Upgrade to bigger space ?
Call us 044-26453334 or email us the space u need to bill @

Delete Email messages from the server ?

1) Start Outlook
2) Click on "Tools", then "E-mail Accounts"
3) Click on "View or change an existing email account"
4) Click on the mail account you which to edit (it should highlight) then click on "Change"
5) Click on the "More Settings" button at the bottom right of the new window
6) Click on the "Advanced" tab at the top of the new window
7) You can edit the mail server settings at the bottom of the screen in the "Delivery" section. For maximum mail delivery - ensure that there is NO tick next to the option "Leave a copy of messages in server" If you do choose to tick this option - you can edit the length of time messages are stored on the server with the checkbox below. It is also helpful to check the option "Remove from server when deleted from 'deleted items'".
8) Click on "OK"
9) Click on "Close"
10) Click on "Send and Receive" to check your mail and put your new settings into effect.

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