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How to upload web pages ?

You will need an FTP program like CuteFTP or Filezilla in order to upload
your website or Use the file Manager on your Control Panel

How to use Filezilla to upload web pages?
FileZilla is a fast and reliable FTP client which can be used to transfer your site files to your website.

Click here to download it now.

1. Double click on your FileZilla icon from your desktop. Once you have done so, you should see the following:

2. Select File and then Site Manager.
3. Select New Site and name it to what you would like.

Once completed, please enter your the following information:

4. Click connect! You are now connected to your ftp account. The following window will appear:

5. Double click on the WWW directory folder located on the right hand side so that the directory is opened. The "index.html" file should be within your "www/" directory.

6. From the left hand side of the FileZilla program, you will need to search for your files on your computer in which you would like to upload to your site under "Local Site".

7. Highlight all of the files you wish to upload and then DRAG them over to an open area on the right hand side of the FileZilla program so that you will upload the files into an area inside your WWW directory.

8. Your files will upload instantly onto your site.

9. REMEMBER to name your homepage index.htm (all lowercase) for your site to be visible so that it overwrites our default index.htm file we provide to you.

NOTE: To prevent your FTP connection from Virus acctact we suggest that you delete your FTP site setup after the full upload is over.
10. If you are unable to connect, ensure that if you are connecting from behind a firewall that it is not interfering with your FTP connections.

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