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Remote Support Application (Teamviewer)

In order your support or understand your problem we need to see your desktop screen...
So to do that we need a Software for Remote Support, Remote Access,,

1. Download the free TeamViewer QuickSupport application by clicking on the below (.exe file size: 4.5 MB).
Save the application onto your computer (for example the Desktop).

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer IT-Office TeamViewer Support

2. Once you have downloaded and saved the application, double-click the TeamViewerQS.exe file.

3. Sometimes, a Open File - Security Warning box will appear - just click Run
4. Sometimes also Antivirus - System modification attempt warning box will appear - just choose I trust the program. Let it continue and then click OK or Accept

5. Wait a moment for the session to be created. When the session is ready, you will find a 9-digit ID and a 4-digit Password (in Danish: Adgangskode) inside two square boxes.
6. Inform the US via (email/phone) about your ID and password. So that our staff member can use the ID and Password to establish a remote connection to your computer. So that we can solve your issue.

Email :
Phone: 9940618406 / 044-43578132

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